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It's the Weather

It's The Weather
Health event predictor | Android and iPhone

It's The Weather applies state of the art machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced statistical technologies including Random Forest Decision Trees and Microsoft's Computational Network Toolkit to predict the likelihood of any event you specify based upon atmospheric conditions including weather data, pollution reports and allergen concentrations. It's The Weather harnesses thousands of data points from sources that include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The National Weather Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency. It also allows including biometric data points from your Microsoft Band or Fitbit, and heart rate data from your Apple Watch and other devices that provide heart rate data to Apple's Health app. Your privacy is always protected.

Squash Text Summarization

Text Summarization | Android phones only
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Squash for Android quickly and easily summarizes web pages, news articles, Facebook posts, emails, blog posts and other popular apps. It summarizes text into four concise sentences for easy reading. Plus, in just one click, you can share your summary via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, text messaging, email and more. Squash is fully integrated with Google's text to speech engine and can read your summary aloud at the click of a button.